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May 31, 2017

Off-the-Shelf Continuous Crystallizer


ETC is seeking information from companies interested in collaborating together on an Off-the-Shelf Continuous Crystallizer in a future ETC project (expected 2018). Off-the-shelf continuous crystallizers are not commercially available.  The current approach is to custom-build equipment using readily available parts from different third parties.  There are many disadvantages to the custom-build approach:


  • There is no detailed approach on exact details of what to build.  The custom-build approach is time-consuming and logistically difficult to plan.

  • Equipment sustainability:  Hardware and software maintenance over time can be challenging.

  • Variability in approaches, equipment sizes, parts, data logging and control software can lead to observations that are user-specific and may not necessarily create learnings useful to the scientific community in general.

  • Variability in what is deemed “all necessary and salient process data” to make process design and troubleshooting decisions from.

ETC would like to address this need through collaboration with a partner on development of a commercially available continuous crystallizer laboratory reactor skid.

Download the Request for Information and submit your response.




Is this open to an application from a consortium of companies and institutions?

Yes.  However, the response from a consortium of companies and institutions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Can we apply as an academic institution either by ourselves or with one or more of our industrial partners?

A response from an academic institution alone or with one or more industrial partners is acceptable.  As outlined in the RFI, we expect this product to be commercialized upon project completion.


What is the value of the project and its scope in terms of funds available and timelines expected?

Funding is to be determined.  The expected timeline is 12 – 18 months to deliver a prototype.  The team expects up to three years total to deliver the final commercial product, though faster delivery would be viewed favorably, all else being equal.


We anticipate the following schedule for project delivery based on our experience of delivering similar projects and technical challenges.

  • Months 1-6 (Refined Prototype)

  • Months 6-12 (Pre-Production System)

  • Months 12 to 18 / 24 (Final development, refining and commercialization of an Off-the-shelf Continuous Crystallizer)


Are the indicated timings of the key milestones in line with the ETC’s expectations?

These timings are reasonable.


What will be the ETC’s commitment and expectations for testing and evaluating the product? Will the product evaluation and testing be carried out by one or more of the following groups?

  • A nominated 3rd party research partner/group?

  • A nominated ETC representative on behalf of the ETC?

  • Multiple ETC members. If so, will multiple test units be required to allow feedback and evaluation results to be achieved and reported within the proposed project timings?

ETC is open to diverse approaches to testing, but we expect that at least a subset of the member companies will want to test a prototype. The logistics of how to manage that testing can be worked out on a case-by-case basis.​​

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