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Enabling Technologies Consortium (ETC) is a forum for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to discuss ideas, share information, and collaborate on the development of new enabling technologies.

ETC gives member companies the ability to partner with external collaborators to further the mission of developing pre-competitive enabling technologies for pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. Pre-competitive projects are defined here as collaborations between multiple pharmaceutical companies and third parties designed to produce an efficiency-enhancing advancement or refinement that will ultimately be made broadly available to the public, either through publication, commercialization of a new product, or other means.

ETC streamlines these partnerships by eliminating the need for parallel agreements between each member company and the external party, providing a governance framework for the advancement of collaborative projects, and allowing for companies interested in enabling technologies to invest equally in their development.

ETC members are also able to provide feedback on newly developed technologies upon request from instrument vendors. Contact us to learn more.

Board of Directors
ETC® Board of Directors
ETC® Working Groups

The Board of Directors provides strategic oversight of the ETC® portfolio. The Board has representation from all member companies and is the primary decision-making body for ETC. Acting on the recommendations of working groups and on its own initiative, it establishes objectives, policies, and plans of action. Whenever possible, the Board operates on a consensus basis.

Working Groups are standing, discipline-specific venues that allow experts in areas of pharmaceutical chemistry, manufacturing, and control to discuss key challenges and field proposals for new enabling technologies intended to address roadblocks for the industry. Learn more about our Working Groups.
ETC® Project Teams
Project teams are groups of members interested in the development of specific techniques and tools to advance drug development and improve efficiency in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  Project teams engage in collaborations with vendors and academics, research projects, and publications to further technology for the development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals.
ETC® Resources
ETC publications and presentations are available here.


More information about our organization is available through the following links:

Enabling Technologies Consortium Poster

Enabling Technologies Consortium Overview

The ETC® Process

ETC Process

ETC® Members

If you are interested in learning more about membership, please contact us.

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