UHPLC-DAD Spectral Deconvolution

Most commercial UHPLC-UV instruments come equipped with fast sampling, high resolution diode array detectors (DADs). These instruments generate data-rich spectral information that goes underutilized, as the instrument vendors do not provide control options to perform deconvolution of spectral patterns, a capability that is routinely available for non-chromatographic formats, e.g., IR chemical probes.

UV spectral deconvolution would provide clear benefits for chromatography, as it could be used to improve the quantitative accuracy of peak integration for analytes such as small molecule, oligonucleotide, peptide and protein drug compounds and closely related impurities that cannot be separated chromatographically in many cases. This capability would also speed up chromatographic separations at both analytical and preparative scales, since temporal resolution would be less critical in many cases. UV spectral deconvolution is available from one of the major UHPLC instrument vendors, but the implementation is limited. Because UHPLC-DAD is ubiquitous across all pharmaceutical research and quality control space, spanning all drug modalities, “unlocking” the power of these DADs is of high interest.

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