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The Enabling Technologies Consortium (ETC): Fostering Precompetitive Collaborations on New Enabling Technologies for Pharmaceutical Research and Development.

Christopher J. Welch et al. Organic Process Research & Development, Vol. 21, Issue 3. February 3, 2017. Authored by the ETC Board of Directors.

The Pharmaceutical Drying Unit Operation: An Industry Perspective on Advancing the Science and Development Approach for Scale-up and Technology Transfer.

Edward W. Conder, Andrew S. Cosbie, John Gaertner, William Hicks, Seth Huggins, Claire S. MacLeod, Brenda Remy, Bing-Shiou Yang, Joshua D. Engstrom, David J. Lamberto, Charles D. Papageorgiou.

Presentations from the ETC session at Pittcon 2018 are now available.


Read about how The Enabling Technologies Consortium fills in pharma technology gaps. Celia Henry Arnaud. Chemical & Engineering News, Volume 96, Issue 13. March 26, 2018.

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