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High Throughput Lipid Nanoparticle Synthesis System

May 3, 2022

The ETC is seeking companies interested in developing a high-throughput preparation platform that enables simultaneous formulation of LNP (>10) with different processing parameters using microfluidic technique. The device may include a fully automated liquid handling robotic system capable of preparing low volume of lipid stock with great precision, multiple channels for organic/aqueous phases, paralleled microfluidic chips, together with a pressure driven system capable of minimizing dead volume in the system and therefore materials need. Considering this platform will be applied in formulation screening at early research stage where material availability is limited, small-scale preparation is desirable. Representative LNP screening from the proposed equipment and method will be selected for further scale-up. The major benefits from this proposal are allowing labor/time saving preparation of LNP, minimizing manual error between different batches, and facilitating the screening capability in LNP development.  

Download the Request for Information and submit your response.

RFP ISSUED:  May 3, 2022

QUESTIONS on RFP DUE to ETC:  May 17, 2022

RFP RESPONSES DUE to ETC:  June 14, 2022

Q&A Document (PDF Available):  


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