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Improving IVIVC of Immediate Release Oral Drug Products

November 6, 2023 

The ETC is seeking companies interested in supplying vendor-supported, commercially available new in silico PBPK/PBBM approaches in a single, user friendly software product that can be effectively used for IVIVC of IR drug products, which has not been achieved by existing software.  
The majority of the in vitro data needed for software development would be from existing data in literature or new data that could be generated from commercially available drug products. In addition, the ETC companies may be able to collaborate with the vendor by providing relevant in vitro dissolution profiles as additional input for PBPK/PBBM, and in vivo PK profiles to verify whether IVIVC has been achieved, if possible.  The ETC companies may also collaborate with the vendor by participating in beta testing of the developed software. Some of the successfully IVIVC case studies from the collaboration may be publishable.

Download the Request for Proposal and submit your response.

RFP ISSUED:  November 6, 2023

QUESTIONS on RFP DUE to ETC:  November 30, 2023

RFP RESPONSES DUE to ETC:  December 22, 2023 

Q&A - Note see FAQ document for answers to common questions

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