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High Throughput Experimentation Sealing Technology

May 6, 2022

The ETC is seeking proposals from companies to develop a reaction plate sealing technology to enable high throughput experimentation without loss of solvent after sampling.  Current sealing materials are prone to losing solvent after piercing and/or swelling from being incompatible and loss of solvent effects parameters being studied including rates of reaction and solubility.  The project is not limited to new compatible materials but includes new mechanisms of sampling.  The sealing technology could be either a new piece of hardware (like a mechanical gate), a new piece of hardware that has a consumable part (a new device with a polymeric seal) or just a consumable part (like a mat material). 

Download the Request for Proposals and submit your response.

RFI ISSUED:  May 6, 2022

QUESTIONS on RFI DUE to ETC:  May 31, 2022

RFI RESPONSES DUE to ETC:  June 28, 2022

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