Learn about ETC’s work in solid dosing technologies in a newly published manuscript on
Collaborative Evaluation of Commercially Available Automated Powder Dispensing Platforms for High Throughput Experimentation in Pharmaceutical Applications.
Matthew N. Bahr et al, Organic Process Research & Development. 9 October 2018.

The Enabling Technologies Consortium is comprised of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies collaborating on issues related to pharmaceutical chemistry, manufacturing, and control with the goal of identifying, evaluating, developing, and improving scientific tools and techniques that support the efficient development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

Benefits of ETC

ETC provides a forum to:

  • Identify common technology gaps and needs for the pharmaceutical industry with other subject matter experts

  • Partner with third parties as a single entity to facilitate the creation and development of new technology and refinement of existing technology

  • Optimize mechanisms to fund and contribute other support for innovative technology

  • Accelerate the commercialization of new technology and refinement of existing technology

Collaborating with ETC

ETC™ working groups regularly seek input from potential collaborators within the scientific community on impactful projects in the Pharmaceutical CMC and Drug Product areas.  This input is gathered through two main mechanisms:

ETC Solicited Requests for Information:  ETC regularly publishes Requests for Information seeking proposals from the scientific community on specific collaboration opportunities.  See our current requests.

Community Inquiries:  The scientific community is invited to contact ETC with potential project ideas via our web form.

Contact Us

If you are interested in joining our Consortium or learning more, please contact us.

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