Particle Size and Shape Measurement Tool

Multidimensional Particle Size and Shape Measurement Tool

ETC is seeking information from companies interested in collaborating on a Multi-dimensional Particle Size and Shape Measurement Tool in a future ETC project.

To improve our ability to model particle size and shape and predict downstream performance of powders, a novel tool is required to measure and provide meaningful descriptors of multidimensional particles as they form and grow.

The current state of the art equipment provides either a trending statistic (e.g. chord length) that is correlated to particle size and is a single dimension (FBRM), an image analysis routine with limited multidimensional information and poor resolution (PVM), or off-line image analysis with slurry dilution (Perdix, Canty, etc.) due to inability to collect quality images in a concentrated suspension.

This project may include the development of hardware (e.g. optics and/or interfaces) as well as software (size/shape descriptors via image analysis).

Download the Request for Information and submit your response.

RFI issued October 30, 2017

Questions Due November 13, 2017

Responses due December 11, 2017

  • Would ETC consider suggesting a standard crystallization solution/process that each vendor would measure to be able to demonstrate the quality of their data?  The ETC Crystallization team is considering this as one possible approach to the project.