High Throughput experimentation Working Group

The High Throughput Experimentation (HTE) WG formed in January 2015 as a project team within the Enabling Technologies Working Group of the IQ Consortium.  The Team is currently a working group within the Enabling Technologies Consortium™ (ETC).  The Team consists of 12 members from 5 pharmaceutical companies across 7 sites. 

Many workflows in Pharmaceutical R&D involve the manipulation of defined amounts of solid materials.  Traditionally this has been accomplished manually; however, the past decade has seen the development of automated solid dosing technologies and their integration into API and Drug Product research.  These technologies have facilitated high throughput experimentation (HTE) and helped increase research efficiency and breadth.

No single vendor platform is able to meet the requirements for every HTE solid dosing application, however. Desired dose amounts may be outside the range of current equipment capabilities, instrument configurations may not be compatible with desired vial sizes, or desired materials simply may not dispense with required accuracy and precision.  The wide range of physical properties exhibited by commonly used solids undoubtedly adds to the complexity of HTE solid dosing.

The High Throughput Experimentation team seeks to improve the ability of scientists to conduct HTE solid dosing, identify gaps in existing HTE solid dosing technology, and influence the development of more robust, more universal solid dosing tools.  We propose to accomplish this firstly by conducting an objective, unbiased, systematic evaluation of current automated solid dosing technology capabilities and secondly by partnering with vendors to develop novel solutions to currently unmet needs.  The first part of this strategy is currently ongoing:  the team has selected and characterized a set of seven reference solids and is actively engaged in laboratory testing of these materials according to our defined test protocols.  A preliminary data example is shown here.

All questions and inquiries regarding the High Throughput Experimentation Team should be directed to the ETC Secretariat using the Contact Us form.