The Enabling Technologies Consortium (ETC) was founded by the pharmaceutical industry to collaborate with third parties from the vendor and academic communities to develop or improve upon pre-competitive enabling technologies for pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.  ETC’s main mechanism to seek out collaborations is through an open RFI/RFP process based upon the interests of the ETC Working Groups.  In addition, ETC welcomes suggestions for new collaborative projects for technologies at any stage of the development process.  Please complete the form below to share your idea with ETC. 

Do not submit any confidential or sensitive information via this form.  While ETC does not intend to publicly disseminate your submission, your submission will be shared with staff and ETC members. Neither ETC nor its members makes any commitment of confidentiality to you in connection with submissions at this time.

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While your query is welcomed by the Enabling Technologies Consortium and will be considered, there is no guarantee that your query will result in a new collaboration with ETC.  The purpose of this form is to gather information to inform ETC of the potential opportunity.  The ETC Secretariat will contact you if the organization is interested in follow-up discussions.