Automated Lab reactors

The Automated Lab Reactors Working Group began working together in early 2015 within the International Consortium for Innovation and Quality in Pharmaceutical Development before the Enabling Technologies Consortium was formed.  The team includes members from seven companies, with expertise ranging from process chemistry to automation and analytical workflows.  The team reached the Request for Proposal stage in August 2016 for a Medium Throughput Personal Reactor Platform and hopes to have the plan for project execution on track for early 2017. 

The team early on recognized that reactor systems were available only on two ends of a spectrum: existing systems are either low-throughput, easy-to-use systems or complex, high-throughput systems that require sophisticated and dedicated end-users to operate.

The scope of the Personal Parallel Reactor project is to design a next-generation reactor platform "from scratch," utilized for medium-throughput (up to 10 reactors) with low volume (2-10 mL), overhead mixing and representative sampling of solids and liquids from reaction slurries.  The goal is for the reactor to be well-designed, small-footprint, and sufficiently low-cost to allow for purchase and deployment of multiple systems within a typical laboratory.  The team also aims for the setup and design to be robust and simple enough to allow access with minimal training and setup.

The team reviewed several responses submitted to the Personal Parallel Reactor Request for Information and interviewed three companies, based on their submissions.  The team felt that two of the companies interviewed could provide short-term and long-term solutions to the desired end and are proceeding forward with building a Request for Proposals for those two companies. 

If you have any inquiries regarding this project or working group, please contact us.