Analytical and purification Working Group

The working group was formed in 2015 by analytical and process purification scientists, with the goal of fostering cross-pharmaceutical collaboration on the development of new analytical and purification instruments and tools that will be useful for pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.  The group coordinates the activities of several specific project teams, which currently include efforts aimed at the development of improved gram-scale preparative supercritical fluid chromatography instrumentation and an integrated, mobile, online-reaction sampling UHPLC system.  Several other projects are currently in the formative stage.  We welcome interested analysis and separation science researchers from member companies within the ETC to join our group, and also welcome unsolicited ideas and suggestions from academics, instrument providers, or other interested parties.

The working group covers a wide range of topics from analytical technologies to preparative scale separations.  We are interested in all forms of innovative measurement strategies, including improvements in sample collection and handling, automation, alternative separations, chemical sensors, mass spectrometry, and other spectroscopic techniques.  We are also interested in new, robust instrumentation and methodologies that augment our capabilities to collect purified pharmaceuticals from manufacturing processes, since the availability of good separation tools is paramount to success in the industry.  The group meets on a monthly basis to discuss ongoing projects and share new ideas for technologies and also to identify opportunities to optimize current technologies and promote environmentally friendly practices.  These efforts are intended to benefit not only the member companies of ETC, but also the industry as a whole.

We are currently focusing on RFIs for two project requests:

1.    Online Sampling UHPLC Instrument

2   Next-Generation Preparative Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Instrumentation

Additional projects will be forthcoming – watch this space!