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The Enabling Technologies Consortium™ is comprised of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies collaborating on issues related to pharmaceutical chemistry, manufacturing, and control with the goal of identifying, evaluating, developing, and improving scientific tools and techniques that support the efficient development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.


ETC issued a Request for Information on UHPLC-DAD Spectral Deconvolution in October 2018.

Learn about ETC’s work in solid dosing technologies in a newly published manuscript on Collaborative Evaluation of Commercially Available Automated Powder Dispensing Platforms for High Throughput Experimentation in Pharmaceutical Applications. Matthew N. Bahr et al, Organic Process Research & Development. 9 October 2018.

Read the Enabling Technologies Consortium Summer 2018 Newsletter for updates on our projects, events, and publications.

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ETC™ regularly issues Requests for Information to solicit interest in collaborating on high-value opportunities to deliver innovative technologies with a compelling business case. See our current opportunities.